Mountain Top has officially been launched, the team is in place, clients are coming on board and the all-important website is now launched at We are as they say, a fully-fledged business now. 

But why did I, Ben Houston, start Mountain Top? 

Let’s be honest, there are plenty of accountancy firms out there, but I just felt that there was something missing with what they were offering. What that means is that there was a gap in the market but it’s a gap that we’re now hoping to fill. However, it’s not gone unnoticed that there’s also a pandemic going on at the moment, so launching a business right now was never going to be easy, but we’ve managed it.

This point is, ‘easy options’ aren’t always the ‘best options’ but any entrepreneur will tell you that there are huge benefits to owning and running your own business. First and foremost, business owners tend to have more control over how that business chooses to run, but just as importantly those business owners can define their own futures, invest in themselves and ultimately take full responsibility for their own destiny … sorry if that sounds like a line from Star Wars, but it’s true.

I started Mountain Top for a number of reasons but probably the most important one was that I wanted an accountancy firm that was different to everyone else out there in the South West. A firm that genuinely believed that it’s about making clients more money and not just saving them cash by getting their returns in on time. Modern day accountancy has so much more to offer any business and if you ask me honestly, getting a decent accountant is one of the best business investments that you’ll ever make. 

When it comes to it, at Mountain Top don’t just ‘do’ your accounts. We do them compliantly, accurately and on time, but above anything else we scrutinize those accounts until we identify ways in which you can increase your profit or decrease your tax bill. 

So, when people ask, ‘why start a business in the middle of a pandemic?’ I simply say, because the time was right and because there was a fairly obvious gap in the market that wasn’t really being covered by the other accountancy firms in the area. 

So, if you are interested in talking to us at Mountain Top about how we can help, then please feel free to contact us on 01752 914214 and remember, very few people get to the top of the mountain without any help.

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