Well, the simple answer to this question is ‘yes, you can do your own accounts’. It is possible, and in some instances, perfectly easy to do. But that isn’t really the right question to ask.

Instead, you should be asking ‘Can an accountant save me money?’, ‘Is an accountant going to do it better that I could?’ and of course the old favourite, ‘Is this the best use on my time?’

Let’s deal with ‘Can an accountant save me money?’, because the answer to this is a 100% yes, we can. At Mountain Top we’re experienced, professional and hugely capable. What that means in real terms, is that we know exactly what can be claimed for, so that you don’t end up over-paying. That represents an instant saving right there. We know where the levels and lines are because it’s what we do every day of every week for all of our clients and it saves them money.

Next up, ‘Is an accountant going to do it better that I could?’ and the answer is of course, yes we will. This isn’t a slur on your ability or even your capacity to do the work, but it is a reflection of our capability.

Let’s give you an example. We can all watch a YouTube video of how to remove and replace a radiator but that doesn’t mean you won’t end up with black gunk all over your bedroom carpet and a rad that’s half hanging off at the end the job. Again, it’s all down to experience and at Mountain Top we have plenty of that.

Lastly, ‘Is this the best use of my time?’ and once again the answer is very simple. No, this is never the best use of your time. The best use of anyone’s time is focusing on what they do best, not what they do worst. Stopping what you’re skilled and experienced at to sit down and ‘have a go at doing your accounts’ doesn’t make logical sense. You‘re best off leaving to professionals and that of course means us at Mountain Top.

We started Mountain Top Accountants for a number of reasons but probably the most important one was that we wanted an accountancy firm that was different to everyone else out there in the South-West. Modern day accountancy has so much more to offer and if you ask us honestly, getting a decent accountant is one of the best business investments that you’ll ever make.

So, if you are interested in talking to us at Mountain Top about reducing your tax liability, then please feel free to contact us on 01752 914214 and remember, very few people get to the top of the mountain without any help.

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