Most businesses want to grow. They want to develop, get better, employ more people and secure greater returns for the owners. In short, most businesses have BHAG’s, ‘Big Hairy Audacious Goals’ and we at Mountain Top are here to help those businesses achieve exactly that.

The majority of business goals are in some way linked to finances and that’s because most businesses are judged on the bottom line. What we do is we sit down with our clients and help them set out a combination of ambitious yet achievable goals for their businesses. Once we’ve agreed that we’re there to make sure that they achieve them in every conceivable way.

We help you set targets, we help you achieve them and we monitor everything throughout the process. Having us at Mountain Top involved means that we can identify changes and we can help you adapt which in turn can create a greater level of efficiency. The majority of businesses don’t always focus on what, even a relatively small, 10% increase in efficiency will achieve and how much more money that will make.

Our systematic approach tracks the cost of every job so that true and genuine profitability can be assessed. This, as we know, is one of the few ways in which the bottom line can be uplifted. This is one of the reasons why clients come to us at Mountain Top and it ties in perfectly with the concept of how we ‘identify ways to increase profit with every set of accounts that we complete’.

At Mountain Top, our team don’t believe that accountancy is just about reporting on money, we believe it’s about making you more. The reason we opened the firm was simple. The time was right for the accounting industry to start offering clients what they needed to help them improve their businesses.

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At Mountain Top, our team doesn’t believe that accountancy is just about reporting on money, we believe it’s about helping to make you more.

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