There are numerous reasons why you as a business owner might need to value your business.

Apart from the obvious, which is knowing what it’s worth for your own peace of mind, you may find that there are other reasons for knowing what the true value is. You may wish to sell that business, you may wish to buy another business. You possibly need to borrow against it or simply need to have its values for an income protection policy for yourself or other key members of the management team.

At Mountain Top we are trusted third partners for many clients when they need to get a business valued. We are discreet, efficient and forensically accurate making sure that a true and honest picture is secured in terms of value.

In addition to the day to day reasons for valuing businesses, we also work in association with clients to obtain valuation for the purpose of inheritance tax, bringing in additional owners and shareholders or just for tax planning purposes. Then of course there’s the tricky subject of divorce.

When family issues like these crop up, it’s then that you need discretion and a sympathetic way of working and that’s what we deliver at Mountain Top.

Our approach is always to find a tax efficient way of completing every transaction, especially significant ones that are linked to business valuations. In fact, it’s often not known that when a business is sold an amount of tax has to be paid, but depending how that deal is structured can mean the difference between paying up to 45% or actually paying nothing at all … we’re pretty sure what most people would want to pay later.

Tax efficiency such as this is worth a tremendous amount to any business and it’s why so many people turn to us at Mountain Top. If you’re interested in how we can help you then please call us on 01752 914214.

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