Turnover is vanity, profit is sanity but cash is king. 

Everyone in business has surely heard that phrase and if we’re honest, it’s difficult to talk about Cashflow Management without bringing it up.

The point about it, is that it’s true and here at Mountain Top we stand firmly behind the phrase. It’s the one thing that all businesses should bear in mind every day of the working week.

It’s not uncommon for business to lose sight of Cashflow Management when times are good. It’s when times are bad that related issues kick in and the best way of avoiding that is to put in place proper financial Cashflow Management.

The Cashflow Management service that we offer clients is based on a software package that constantly tracks your expected outgoings as well as incomings, making sure that surprises and shocks are avoided. Apart from a significant level of peace of mind, this also delivers our clients time to evaluate what’s further down the track for them as a business.

The perfect example of this is when a manufacturing business identifies excess cash right now but uses it to replace equipment that will create a problem further down the line. Leaving it until that point may make it impossible to fix as and when it’s needed most. In a way, it’s all about financial ‘future proofing’.

Failure to effectively handle cashflow in a business can have a devastating impact and often is one of the most important factors that brings a business down. The problem with any financial related issue in a business is that it’s often a problem because it’s not been the core focus of the business.

People that run building businesses or hospitality businesses are invariably focused on buildings projects and food and drink. They’re not always focused on finances and that’s where we at Mountain Top come in. Everyone should play to their strengths in business and if you don’t possess those strengths then invest the money and bring those strengths in … especially on anything financial.

If you’re interested in how we can help your cashflow stay ahead of the game and keep you heading towards the top of the mountain then please call us on 01752 914214.

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