Reviews are a major part of any business these days but it can be a slight minefield out there if you’re unaware of what you actually need to do by law. Here at Mountain Top we handle reviews and guide clients through the complexities, delivering what’s right for them and their business.

First of all we have Letting Reviews where agents have to produce evidence that the finances surrounding rental income is handled correctly and compliantly. These reviews are important if an agent wishes to maintain its ARLA and NFOPP accreditation. These are benchmarks that provide potential landlords and tenants with the reassurance and knowledge that the agent in question does things in the ‘right way’ and that the cash stays where it’s meant to.

At Mountain Top we are experienced at handling these reviews and work with the agent to provide the necessary information to secure the accreditation.

In addition we also handle ISRE2400 reviews for businesses. We believe that these reviews are hugely important and are a much better use of time and money than more traditional audits. ISRE reviews are about 40% of the cost of an audit, they are less about ‘box ticking’ and more about giving you the client valuable financial information that will benefit the business properly. Just as importantly, these reviews can be used to support grant applications and borrowing negotiations.

Our advice to most clients that we see is don’t head down the route of an audit that delivers a two-dimensional picture of your business. Go for a ISRE review, it’s a more comprehensive view of your business, it’s less expensive and infinitely more useful.

If you’re interested in how we can help your cashflow stay ahead of the game and keep you heading towards the top of the mountain then please call us on 01752 914214.

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