At Mountain Top we’re here to help you pay less tax and it’s important for you to understand that so many people out there can do just that.

We’re able to help you do this because we know the tax laws and their implications inside out and the simple truth is, most people can save tax in some way or another.

It might be as general remuneration if you’re a business owner, making full and complete use of spousal tax bands and allowances, inheritance taxation, gifting, selling a business or even buying a business. It’s our job to help you become more tax efficient.

As an example, if you sell your business the range of tax you pay can be anything from 45% right down to absolutely nothing and it all depends on how the deal is structured. That’s what we can advise on and that’s why we at Mountain Top can make a major difference to your bottom line. As we always say, ‘why pay more tax that you legally have to’.

The rules are there for everyone, it’s just a question of making sure you have someone that knows what those rules are.

Even if you’re starting a business, talking to us at Mountain Top is a smart move. We can advise on how your business is set up in the first place which can potentially make a huge difference in the amount of tax you pay, thousands of pounds in some cases. Talking to us is the smart thing to do.

As a perfect example, who knew that going carbon neutral would have such significant tax implications. If a business does the right thing in the first place then tax savings can be huge.

Lastly although we’re not authorized to give advice on pensions and investments, we do have very close relationships with a number of trusted partners covering income protection, pensions and key person insurance, all of which can help with your wider tax planning options.

At Mountain Top, our team don’t believe that accountancy is just about reporting on money, we believe it’s about making you more. The reason we opened the firm was simple. The time was right for the accounting industry to start offering clients what they needed to help them improve their businesses.

If you are interested in how Tax Planning can help you reach the top of the mountain then please call us on 01752 914214.

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At Mountain Top, our team doesn’t believe that accountancy is just about reporting on money, we believe it’s about helping to make you more.

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