“In this world nothing can be said to be certain other than death and taxes”.

However, we believe that the line should go on to say, “but how much tax you pay is down to whether you work with us at Mountain Top.”

We consider it to be our job to make sure that our client legally pay the lowest amount of tax possible and there are many and various ways in which we can do that for you. We also make sure that when we complete your tax returns, you’re fully aware of how much is due and what the deadlines are. In very simple terms we reduce your tax liability and help you avoid any needless penalties.

Tax returns aren’t always the easiest of things to complete but the trickiest part is making sure that it’s actually done in the first place. The problem with many businesses, especially small ones, is that they end up focusing on other things, usually their primary business function.

Trades, shopkeepers and service providers naturally spend most of their time at work, literally ‘working’ on what they do and unfortunately, financial discipline invariably slips to the ‘back burner’ and gets lost in the busy working week. Before you know it, you’ve missed deadlines and penalties charges are on the way.

At Mountain Top we take on the responsibility so you don’t have to. 

If we’re appointed in advance, we make sure we know when the deadlines are, we start as early as possible and most importantly we can get them finished and ready to go. All you have to do is pay what’s due and because we’re involved we can guarantee that will be as small a figure as possible … why pay more than what’s due, no one else does.

Tax returns are about discipline, staying on top of everything and not allowing yourself to get distracted. If you are interested in how we take that burden away from you, so that you reach the top of the mountain, then please call us on 01752 914214.

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